The TinREAD search box (toolbar) is a specialized component that "knows" to search library catalogs and does not treat information as a text. For this reason, the advantage of this component is primarily the accuracy compared to Google, its bibliographic accuracy in comparison with a generic web search engine such as Google, Yahoo etc.

The following table presents a comparison of the functionalities available in the Google and TinREAD toolbars.


Google toolbar TinREAD toolbar
Search all web pages  
Integration in browser
Search bibliographic catalogs
Search bibliographic fields  
Regulă căutare 3 din 4
Boolean operators
Controlled vocabulary  
Sort results by several criteria  
Bibliographic field relevance  
Text position relevance  
Relevance of search term arrangement  
Search term position relevance  
Settings bibliographic fields  


The Google Toolbar is a complex and useful tool, but for bibliographic information and library catalogs, it is very poorly developed and addresses the information available in these resources pretty simple.

The TinREAD Toolbar is a specific tool, attached to an integrated library system specialized in handling bibliographic information and searching it correctly.

The TinREAD toolbar "learned" from Google, which is useful and familiar to readers and extended this method to work with specific library functions, with proper search and processing of such information.

TinREAD is the Google of Library!